GWA-Mapserver version 1.0

The Global Wind Atlas was an EUDP funded project, that created a global wind atlas for wind energy, and was managed by DTU Wind Energy.

As part of the project, a Web-GIS interface was developed to enable users to view the map. Behind the scenese this interface is driven using the UMN mapserver, to serve open geospatial fields.

Since one of the goals of the project was to make all of the data availible to the users, the APIs for the mapserver interface will be explained here, to allow others to provide interfaces to this data in their own tools.


Maps from the GWA project are availible through a standard Web Map Service interface. This allows you to access either styled or raw data.

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Tool API

In addition to maps, the GWA map interface also provides a selection of tools that can be used to process the GWA data, which are provided through Web Processing Services.

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If you still have questions after reading the user manual feel free to contact us.

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